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Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

The correct design and installation of a Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems is important the correct function and ventilation of a commercial kitchen area.

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when choosing an extraction system in-particular the fan unit, some of the considerations include, but are not limited to:

  • Size of the kitchen/dining area – The size of the kitchen and dinning room area is an important consideration as it will affect the volume of air that needs to be replaced every minute.
  • Type and amount of cooking equipment – The amount of fumes and smoke given off by cooking equipment can vary substantially and it an important consideration when sizing the fan unit.
  • Size of extraction canopy – The volume of air extracted must take into account the size of the canopy to ensure that fumes don’t spill into the kitchen or dinning area, or alternatively if the volume of air is far greater than what is necessary the system maybe noisy and/or inefficient.
  • Distance from canopy to outside – The number of bends (and type of bends), length of duct work (and type of duct work) all have an impact on the efficiency of the system and size of the extraction fan motor.
  • Make up air – Make up air is an important but often overlooked consideration in a kitchen, essentially it means that some fresh air flows back into the kitchen. The benefits are a reduction in heating or cooling as the air-conditioning from the dinning area is not just being sucked out through the extraction canopy, but also that fresh air is being brought into the kitchen area,

Other important consideration are:

Where possible it is highly recommend to install two extraction motors per kitchen extraction canopy, this is an important fail safe if one motor fails. We have attended many installations where only one fan unit was installed and when it failed there was no backup so the kitchen had to close till a new fan unit could be sourced or repairs made.

In addition the preference should be to install a three phase fan unit with variable speed control, this has a number of benefits including increased longevity over single phase motors and the ability to control the speed provides efficiency and a reduction in noise if higher speeds are not required.

Elexatech can assist with the supply of extraction fan motors, speed controls and a range of ventilation, exhaust and extraction fan systems, call the team on 08 9330 8323 for more information.